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  Our company is located in the provincial capital, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, 100 km to the north, next to the Xin Fu Road, adjacent to the former residence of Yan Xishan, is to Buddhist holy sites of Mount inevitable, rail road transport, coal, electric power is rich in resources, climate, there is very Good cooperation and investment environment.

  Our company is strong in technology, complete testing means, and through ISO9002 quality system certification. The current 10 engineers and technicians, skilled workers, 60, forging equipment (10T, 5T, 3T each one), 2 machine operation and power facilities ancillary environmental protection, energy-saving heating furnace 3, dust desulfurization equipment 3, 50 lathe 3, 30 lathe 3, 1600 car-li, Li-1250 cars, trucks Li 1000, 1200 Saw, Sawing 700, 500 Saw, 400 Saw, 3.2M quenching and tempering furnace, annealing furnace, physical and chemical testing, ultrasonic flaw detector, 10T Lane 2, 5T driving a, 3T driving a. In the production of forging 5000T, the main products are eccentric shaft, the shaft, gear, gear shaft, roll, modules, wheels, coupling, such as steel rings / alloy steel forgings, and in accordance with the requirements of users with a variety of drawings to the forging Material processing business. Products are sold all over the country, more than a decade has been to Beijing, Shandong, Shanghai and other mining equipment to provide a variety of models of eccentric axis rough, raw materials, mainly from TISCO, too heavy, too heavy for forging long-term cooperative unit, the company involved in too Emphasis on the Three Gorges Project, rotating dance and other large parts of forging equipment.

  Our company can produce a variety of standard and Japan, Germany and S, American Standard, the British standard, national standard flange, flange and stainless steel flange covers, cover flange.

  I can not only meet the petroleum products, chemicals, machinery, electricity, coal and other industries, but also export to the United States, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, at home and abroad to win a higher reputation and has become a Large flange, forging one of the suppliers.

       Our best quality, the efficiency of the agile rapid sincere service users are welcome to cooperate.

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